ok, fat, put up your dukes!

The weight loss clinic that I go to is closed 0n weekends.  So I’m going to be making my visit shortly.  I was pretty good on the weekend since I was working and was able to eat properly.

The only cheat I did was I had 3 tiny chicken wings on Saturday while I was watching the fights.  Yes, I like mixed martial arts!  Who wouldn’t want to watch hard bodied men slug it out to the finish?!  My husband got me into it about 5-6 years ago!  I use to hate him watching it and never really even watched a whole fight.  Then I saw a knock out and I was hooked!  Now you will find my husband and I, on a Saturday night yelling at the TV, “knee, knee!” , “leg kick, leg kick!”, “OMG, he going for a triangle, no, now an ironbar!”  We know all the moves, LOL!  The only bad part about it all, is the fighters put on their T-shirts after the bout to advertise their sponsors!

And we love Joe Rogan!  He is one of the commentators.  Remember him?  He use to be the host for “Fear Factor”.  Also, you must have heard of our Canadian Boy, the welter weight champion of the world, George “Rush” St Pierre!  Beautiful to look at, just don’t let him speak — he’s French!  Oh, ya, he is a pretty good fighter too!  I’d roll with him!  Hey, don’t get the wrong idea, that is fighter lingo!  It means fight on a mat!

Rob, my husband, has set up his heavy bag in the garage so soon we will have to start working out with it.  Is it weird that I feel too fat to work out yet?  Right now I am just walking, taking my dog to the dog park, and doing “labor” around the house.  And work….that’s always a workout as well.  I am usually a big sweatball when I come home.  Friday’ when I came home from work, we all jumped it the pool and it was so refreshing!

Well, I just came back from my clinic visit and I lost 4 lbs. over the weekend!  That is 8 lbs in 2 weeks!  You might say that is unhealthy but a lot of it was water weight and I have soooo much to lose that it comes off easily at first if I follow things correctly with my diet plan.  I still haven’t cut the light 5% cream from my coffee and I probably have about 4-5 cups of coffee per day but eventually I’ll have to.  I’m just seeing if I can get away with it for now and seems that I am!

Yes, yes you do…..

But I feel normal.  I don’t feel all this heavy weight on my body.  Then I look in the mirror or even worse, see a picture of myself!  How did this happen, when did this happen, why did this happen?

I’ve been wanting to lose weight for a while, but,  I was enjoying all the food while I was procrastinating….

I started my weight loss journey exactly one week ago.  I am not going to say how much I weigh, not right now anyway, it’s too embarrassing.  Let’s just say my goal right now is to lose ~100lbs.  I am doing it with a clinic program but I won’t advertise on here.  But it is so great having them there with me so I am accountable to someone besides myself.  I tried this program about 6-7 years ago and it did work but I hated the staff at the clinic.  I don’t know how many times they made me cry.  But the staff here in Ottawa are much more mature and caring.

I’ve lost 6lbs so far and it feels good to do that.  I can’t wait to have all the weight gone and have a whole new wardrobe.  Do you know there are only a few plus size stores around and the selection is terrible.  Lately, I’ve been living vicariously thru my eldest daughter and when I go shopping for her, I want to pick all the clothes that I would love to wear.  Maybe once I lose all my weight then I can go on some sort of make over show and get all my clothes paid for!  There is one store in my community that I would love to shop at, it is called Tweed & Hickory and it has the most fabulous expensive clothes!  It sounds stuffy but it isn’t!

I love food, I love food, I love food!  I’m really going to try and make this interesting this time.  I already made a few new recipes that I have never tired before and they seem great.  I just had breakfast and I am stuffed!  I made these “egg muffins” yesterday.  They are just egg, spinach and mushrooms and a bit of cheese on top baked in muffin tins.  They were fabulously heavy and filling!  I also had an english muffin (whole wheat from weight watchers) with it.  They actually puffed up like muffins when I took them out of the oven!

I started a new job and it is home-care so I work by myself traveling around in my car so I can eat whenever I want.  Sometimes I don’t take my lunch till I get home as I have been finishing early.  Another thing that I love is I can smoke whenever I want.  I know everybody and their dog has quit smoking, most people that I went to school with have quit.  I should know better, I’m a nurse but I just love it, it keeps me sane and  I will definitely not be giving that up!

So, here it goes.  Will you follow me on my weight loss journey?  I wonder if I will hear from people I haven’t heard from in years!

I am ready, I am willing, I am able!